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Meet the Brides of Jenna In White | Aerial TurnerWith tales of glass slippers, poisoned apples and princes disguised as frogs, who wouldn’t want to be a princess?  And with a name like Aerial, the tiara fits beautifully.

Newlywed Aerial Turner (formerly Ali) admits that she’s not the girly girl who had china arranged and bridesmaids picked from age 12, but she knew she had to have the big, bedazzled ball-gown.  She says the nuptial day is “the only day you can look like a princess.”

“It’s not like we live in a high-class society that goes to balls, galas and charity events,” she laughs. “When else will we do it?”

In true fairy-tale fashion, Turner has known her husband, Antoine, since childhood.  Despite a pact with her best friend, Turner started dating said friend’s cousin at age 14.  Like most adolescent relationships, though, it didn’t last.  But they kept in touch throughout the separation.

“He’d call every Christmas,” she says.

The star-crossed lovers reconnected at a dinner party in 2008 after Turner graduated from Michigan State University, and it’s been happily ever after since.

Turner was eventually semi-surprised with a proposal.  She says she had an inkling the knee-kneel was coming as all of her friends were taking the leap.  The couple was engaged for a couple years before getting married.  Deaths on both sides of the family tree caused the wedding to get understandably pushed back.

As the day finally approached, it was time to pick the dress and the non-traditional “Man of Honor.”  Turner picked friend and MSU schoolmate Jeremy Scott to stand beside her.  Scott admits that he tried repeatedly to back out of the job and persuade Turner to pick another candidate.  He says he was nervous that as a guy he wouldn’t be able to pull it off.  In the end, Scotts says he was probably the best person for the high-powered job.

Holding steady to her princess fantasy, Turner was initially attracted to Alfred Angelo’s Disney princess designs.  One of Angelo’s gowns was a top contender, but Turner found the dress to be just too heavy, she says.

“I like to dance.”

She didn’t think that she would be able to move in such a heavy piece.  Turner had similar experiences with other gowns that she tried on, or the feel and look just wasn’t right.  The shopping experience at other shops just wasn’t right either, she says.

Turner visited two other shops including a well-known chain before approaching Jenna in White, and she complains of feeling rushed and not properly attended to.  Turner calls the lack of attention “kind of frustrating.”

All that changed when she discovered Jenna in White at a bridal expo.  Jenna in White was able to fit Turner in a beautiful gown that despite its volume was lightweight and spacious enough for the bride move and groove.  And the look and style was exactly what Turner had been hoping for.

“Finding the perfect dress made her [Aerial’s] day.  When we found the dress everyone knew, even Jenna,” Scott says. “It was an aha moment.”

Aside from the fashion itself, Turner raves over Jenna in White’s unique service and attentiveness.  She says Jenna was pleasant and professional, and her excitement could be felt a magic carpet ride away.

Meet the Brides of Jenna In White | Aerial Turner 2“The fact that she felt excited with me was nice, as well.  That was a nice touch.”  Jenna’s willingness to do an in-home appointment also stood out to Turner as very convenient.  The company no longer takes in-home appointments since opening a salon in Walled Lake, Mich., but prides itself on the same level of personalized service.  Scott shares Turner’s sentiments about Jenna in White calling the company “amazing.”

The movie-themed ceremony was held May 3rd at Chapel Hill Baptist Church and the reception rocked out at Laurel Manor.  Turner says her gown was a hit with her guests and most importantly with her husband.

“He got watery eyed,” Turner says.

Her now husband was not allowed to see the dress until the day of.  Knowing his lady, he had an idea of what to expect but all juicy details were left secret.  Turner says she wanted to surprise him, which is another reason why the dress is so important to the big day.

“Your husband gets to see you dolled up,” Turner says.

She was showered with romantic whispers of “wow, you look great.”  Sure to make any bride blush.  Turner says she felt so great in the gown that she didn’t want to take it off.  Aside from a couple minor slip-ups on her elegantly long hemline, she was royally pleased.

Article by Paris Giles | Freelance Journalist |

Images by Photography by Brett LLC

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