Meet the Brides of Jenna In White | Sonya – Cupid’s Arrow

Don’t we hate it when our friends play cupid?  Except, of course, when the arrow of love actually hit its intended targets and a relationship blossoms.  Sonya met her new husband Richie through a girlfriend who was dating Richie’s friend.  The two started spending time together in a friendly fashion at first, and as the rules would have it, they eventually fell in love and into something more.  After about five years, the couple decided the time had come to take the leap. And once the time comes, the dress is hardly ever far behind.  Sonya says things moved along pretty quickly from the beginning.  They were engaged in March and married June 7, 2014. “As soon as I got engaged, I started looking for a dress,” she said. She came across Jenna in White at a bridal show, and from the initial appointment booking, she said she was blown away with the personalized service.  Sonya had gone to a few other places in search of the perfect gown, but Jenna in White had her at ‘hello,’ she said. Sonya’s mom accompanied her to the first meeting at the Walled Lake salon.  Jenna made a point of getting an idea of what she was looking for beforehand, Sonya said, so when she and mom arrived, Jenna had a beautiful cavalry of gowns armed and ready.  Sonya ended up picking the first one she tried on, because just like love, when… read more →